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Do you live or work in Bayonne and would like to benefit from the services of an interior designer for your home or business premises?

Céline Lapegue is the representative of our national architecture agency Elégance au m2 and is available to help you with :

  • Architectural feasibility study and diagnosis of your renovation work;
  • The design of your interior spaces and the selection of craftsmen ;
  • The creation of atmosphere and interior decoration;
  • The management of your work until you receive the keys.

As a true project manager, Céline Lapegue offers you a turnkey service!

Céline Lapegue, interior designer Elégance au m2 in Biarritz, Bayonne and Anglet

Free call: 0805 030 085

Your need for an interior designer in Bayonne concerns...

Céline Lapegue works with both individuals and professionals. She is able to assist you with all types of architectural projects, designing the layout and organising the work of : 

  • Townhouse or flat;
  • Shop and shop, restaurant, hotel, professional offices...

Would you like to hire an interior designer for...?

Reviewing the interior design of your house or flat

Are you about to buy a property in Bayonne and are you looking at properties? Ask our interior designer for advice!

Already a homeowner, you wish to rethink your interior spaces by calling on the services of a professional interior designer? Céline Lapegue is also at your disposal!

Our tasks are as follows:

  • Diagnosis of your property before or after purchase
  • Architectural analysis to define the contours of your interior design project
  • Design of your interior layout from inspiration and style boards, 2D and 3D plans, massing and layout,
  • Organisation of the works and preparation of a consultation file for companies;
  • Monitoring and acceptance of works as project manager.

An overall vision and turnkey support for the success of your interior design project.

The interior design of your shop, restaurant or professional offices

Do you want to revise the concept of your business and carry out interior design work? Or would you like to set up in Bayonne and are looking for business premises that are suitable for your activity?

Céline Lapegue, our interior designer, will accompany you through all the stages of your interior design project. Her advice and services cover : 

  • The creation of your visual identity and brand strategy,
  • The conceptualisation of your professional spaces for the smooth running of your business,
  • Organising and budgeting the fitting-out work,
  • The management of your work for a budget and deadlines respected.

As true specialists in commercial architecture, we help you boost your business through your interior design!

Why call on our agency Elégance au m2 in Bayonne?

There are many interior designers in and around Bayonne, so why choose us?

Simply because we have all the selection criteria you need to get started with a professional architect.

At the same time as being available on site like a traditional agency, and at the same time ahead of our time with tailor-made online solutions, we have invented the concept of a real estate designer Elégance au m2.

What is a property designer?

She is a single point of contact, competent in all the tasks involved in an interior design or layout project. As a true project manager, Céline Lapegue thinks, designs and initiates the renovation work to be planned while validating each design with you.

Thanks to its expertise in the diagnosis of works, you know the budget to devote, on which we graft transparent prices for our services, evaluated per square meters fitted out.

A turnkey service, a top-of-the-range service, a project that can be consulted online 24 hours a day, and transparent prices with no nasty surprises. That's why you should call on Elégance au m2!

We also work in Biarritz and Anglet.

The achievements of our architectural firm Elégance au m2

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