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You are looking to redesign your interior, rearrange your rooms, find harmony in the atmosphere and decoration... No doubt, you need a professional interior designer!

Our architectural agency Elégance au m2 will be your ideal partner for your real estate project.

Take advantage of our free advice before you buy a property, plan ahead with our 2D/3D plans, avoid the administrative procedures for building permits, and save time and money on your work.

Your real estate designer will take care of all the necessary tasks for the success of your interior design!

Free pre-purchase advice during a property visit

Have your real estate designer accompany you on a tour of a flat or house.

Analysis of the potential and matching with your project, projection of the works, and advice on the fitting out solutions: you will make the right choice before signing!

Why? To succeed in the crucial stage of buying.

How do you do this? By detecting the assets of the property.

How much is it? It's free!

Design of 2D/3D plans of your layout

Are you a homeowner? Our real estate designer is at your disposal to conceptualise your future interior design.

Drawings, 2D/3D plans, atmospheric and decorative plans, furniture shopping lists... Let's go forward together and step by step to achieve a result that will exceed your expectations!

Design of 2D, 3D and technical plans for your interior architecture with Elégance au m2
Help with the application for planning permission for a building extension with Elégance au m2

Submission of a building permit for an extension

Need to expand your space? Let your real estate designer apply for a building permit.

Drawing up the application file, following up the application with the authorities, until the building permit is issued... Save your energy for imagining your future development, we will take care of the rest!

Organisation of the work and selection of craftsmen

We organise all the renovation and fitting-out work for you: selection of craftsmen, study of estimates, planning of tasks, etc. 

You can both save money and get the best companies near you!

Organisation of the work, planning of tasks and selection of craftsmen for your interior design work with Elégance au m2
Your interior design work with our architectural agency Elégance au m2

Monitoring and acceptance of your renovation work

Delegate to us the monitoring and acceptance of your renovation work. Your real estate designer, as a true project manager, will ensure that deadlines are met and that the quality of the work is maintained.

We give you the keys, all you have to do is settle in!

Why call on our architectural firm Elégance au m2?

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Optimising your rooms

Do you need to optimise your rooms, rethink the space, create separations or remove them? Our interior designer will optimise every square metre of your flat and house.
Your home will be more functional and more beautiful: we turn the impossible into the obvious!

Expand your interior spaces

Are you cramped for space? Do you need to expand your interior spaces? From the building permit to the final finishing touches, let us take care of the heavy administrative and technical tasks.
The freedom of large spaces is yours!

Reviewing your interior design

Need a change? You don't want to see what's around you anymore? We can revamp your interior design, furniture and accessories.
Project yourself and add to your shopping list: we install and you come back with your eyes sparkling with pleasure!

Increasing property value

Do you need or want to increase the value of your property in order to resell it better? We sublimate your interiors so that your house or flat can find a new buyer!
It's not only on TV that incredible transformations take place!

Our ten-year guarantee Elégance au m2 covers up to 2 million euros of damage in the event of an accident!

Ten-year guarantee up to €2m

Some before and after realisations

Discover the scope of our services through before and after pictures of our design projects. 

Do any of these appeal to you? Tell us how we can help you!

Design of your interior spaces (rooms) by Elégance au m2, interior design agency
Modern flat living room design by our interior designer Elégance au m2
Kitchen design for your house or flat with Elégance au m2
Choose your furniture and interior decoration for your flat or house with Elégance au m2