Commercial architecture: design of offices, shops, restaurants, etc.

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Do you want to furnish your professional or commercial premises? You are not yet the owner and you are about to carry out visits?

Don't wait any longer to be accompanied by an interior architect from our architectural agency Elégance au m2.

Specialising in commercial architecture, we help professionals in all sectors of activity to successfully complete their layout projects.

The functioning of your business is directly linked to your internal organisation. Your internal organisation is in turn dependent on your infrastructure.

Take care of the interior design of your business premises thanks to our expertise, and boost your business !

Why choose Elégance au m2 to furnish your professional spaces?

Elégance au m2 is the perfect combination of a local commercial architecture firm and a 100% online solution.

This is a double benefit for you: 

  • Our turnkey service is qualitative and personalised, Our real estate designer is physically available for your layout project,
  • You have access toan online space accessible 24 hours a day to collaborate on your project and follow the progressof your commercial or professional layout.

Our commercial architecture agency is a hybrid and surpasses all the standards of the professional design market. 

Our work methodology is today the most adapted to the needs of professionals, halfway between minimising budgets and saving time on the work.

A commercial and professional development service that is still being talked about!

Ten-year guarantee up to €2m

Specialised in commercial architecture, at Elégance au m2 we design your shop layout (furniture, merchandising, etc.).

The professional sectors we support

We work with professionals in all sectors of activity, with a focus on shopfitting, bar/restaurant design and the fitting out of professional offices.

Boutique or shop fitting 

From thinking about your concept store, through architectural analysis and the implementation of a commercial and merchandising strategy, we design the interior of your shop to make it a reference in its field.

Choose a unique commercial layout that meets both functional and commercial needs!

The design of professional offices

We think of the entire working environment of your professional offices, from the layout strategy to the smallest decorative finish. Your teams will be installed in ideal working conditions, with comfortable professional furniture and an atmosphere conducive to well-being.

Choose a modern and stylish office layout that can be adapted to the needs of your business!

Professional office design by Elégance au m2
Layout of a Provencal bistro by Elégance au m2

Restaurant, bar and hotel design

We contribute to the success of your restaurant by designing the layout from A to Z to ensure the efficiency of your staff and the comfort of your customers. From the functionalities of a professional kitchen to the careful decoration and furnishing of your restaurant, we leave nothing to chance to ensure the success of your business.

Reflect the passion of your kitchen through your restaurant design and surprise your customers!

Our expertise in professional interior design

As an architect, space designer, decorator and project manager, we have created the concept of "real estate designer", which brings together all the skills needed for your professional interior design. 

As a true project manager, your real estate designer will guide you through each stage of the project using 4 main threads.

Architectural analysis and advice before buying a business premises

We accompany you during your visits of professional or commercial premises to determine the architectural potential. 

This pre-purchase diagnosis allows you to get an initial idea of the professional layout that you can envisage with these walls. Thanks to this free advice, you will know whether or not you should make an offer to buy.

Our expertise plays a central role in your decision, so don't miss out!

Design of 2D, 3D and technical plans

In order to project you in your future layout, we design 2D layout plans, 3D views and all technical documents (electrical installations, PMR layout, compliance with standards, etc.).

We integrate the interior design and the professional furniture in accordance with your request.

What is your objective? To provide you with the necessary material so that together we can definitively validate your project. 

Study of your commercial architecture project

By gathering additional information, our real estate designer will carry out a study of your commercial architecture project.

By offering you atmosphere and style boards, he draws the first sketches of your interior design to define its contours.

This collaborative phase allows you to set the specifications for your future professional layout.

Coordination, monitoring and acceptance of the fitting-out work

We coordinate, monitor and take delivery of your fitting-out work. Based on the layout plans and technical documents, we draw up a consultation file for companies. After selecting the craftsmen, we monitor the site as project manager.

With your budget under control and deadlines respected, all you have to do is settle in!

Consulting, brand analysis and implementation strategy

By calling on Elégance au m2, you are looking to go further in the process of setting up your business. With a view to designing a unique professional space, we work with you on strategic, marketing and commercial work around your brand.

Our layouts take into account a real user experience between the customer journey and the journey of your internal resources. We focus on usage, the business model and space optimisation.

Your interior space reflects who you are: our design solutions will tell your story!

Elégance au m2 creations

Discover our achievements in fitting out points of sale, showrooms, professional offices or restaurants.

Hotel and reception room fittings by Elégance au m2
Modern professional office design by the architectural firm Elégance au m2
Layout of commercial premises by the architectural agency Elégance au m2
Modern office design by Elégance au m2